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The Difference Between Mesh Cloth and Sandwich Mesh

source:English website  |  Release time:2023年07月26日
The difference between mesh cloth and sandwich mesh cloth:
let me introduce mesh cloth first, the fabric with mesh-shaped holes is mesh cloth. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipment, mainly organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics. Among them, the woven mesh fabrics are white or yarn-dyed, as well as jacquard, which can weave complex and simple patterns. It has good air permeability, and after bleaching and dyeing, the cloth body is simple and crisp. In addition to making summer clothes, it is especially suitable for making curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.

The mesh cloth can be woven with pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (thread). Generally, the whole yarn mesh cloth uses No. 14.6-13 (40-45 British branch) yarn, and the whole-line mesh cloth uses No. 13-9.7 double-strand thread (45 British branch). /2~60 lbs/2), there are also interweaving yarns and threads, which can make the pattern of the cloth surface more prominent and enhance the appearance effect. There are generally two weaving methods for woven mesh fabric: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp), twist each other to form a shed, and interweave with weft yarns (see leno weave). The twisted warp is twisted on the left side of the ground warp by using a special twisted heddle (also known as half heald), and twisted to the right side of the ground warp after one (or three, or five) weft insertions. The mesh-shaped small holes formed by the interweaving of skeins and weft yarns are stable in structure and are called lenos; the other is the use of jacquard weaves or changes in reeding methods. Three warp yarns are used as a group to penetrate a reed tooth, and can also be woven. There are small holes in the fabric, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called false leno.

There are also two types of knitted mesh fabrics, weft-knitted mesh fabric and warp-knitted mesh fabric. Warp-knitted mesh fabrics are generally woven by high-speed warp-knitting machines. The raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. The finished products of knitted mesh fabrics are: High elastic mesh cloth, mosquito net cloth, laundry net, luggage net, hard net, sandwich net, cricote, embroidered net, wedding net, square net, transparent net, American net, diamond net, jacquard net, lace And other mesh cloth.

As the name suggests, the sandwich mesh has compartments, which are usually produced and processed by double-needle bed warp knitting machines. The simple way to distinguish is that one is single-layer and the other is multi-layer.