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Introduce The Principle and Characteristics of Warp Knitted Mesh Fabric

source:English website  |  Release time:2023年07月26日
1. Principles of warp knitted mesh cloth

There are generally two methods of weaving mesh cloth: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp), twist each other to form a shed, and interweave with weft yarns. The twisted warp is to use a special twisted heddle (also known as a half heald) to be twisted on the left side of the ground warp. After one (or three, or five) weft insertion, it is twisted to the right side of the ground warp. The mesh-shaped small holes formed by mutual twisting and weft yarn interweaving are called leno. Move, so it is also called false leno.

2. Features of warp-knitted mesh fabric

Warp-knitted mesh fabric has a unique surface double-mesh design and a unique structure in the middle (like X-90° or "Z", etc.), presenting a six-sided air-permeable hollow three-dimensional structure (the middle three-dimensional elastic support structure), which has the following characteristics: 1. It has good resilience and has a buffering and protective effect


2. It has excellent breathability and moisture permeability. (The warp-knitted mesh fabric adopts X-90° or "Z" structure, with mesh holes on both sides, presenting a six-sided air-permeable hollow three-dimensional structure, free circulation of air and water, forming a hot and humid microcirculation air layer.) 3. Light texture, easy to wash


4. Good softness and wear resistance.

5. Mesh diversity, fashion style. The shape of the mesh is various, such as triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, column and so on. Through the distribution of the mesh, it can present pattern effects such as straight bars, horizontal bars, squares, rhombuses, chain links, and ripples.