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Introduce The Structural Characteristics of 3d Mesh Cloth

source:English website  |  Release time:2023年07月26日
 1. Introduction of 3D mesh cloth:
3D mesh cloth spacer fabric, that is, interlayer mesh cloth, is a double-needle bed warp-knitted mesh cloth, which consists of upper and lower layers of warp-knitted mesh cloth and polyester monofilaments connecting them in the middle to form a three-dimensional mesh structure. Due to the characteristics of air permeability, ventilation, elasticity and memory of the middle connecting layer, this three-layer fabric has very wide application prospects in the fields of home textiles, daily necessities, household products, industry, and medical use. Usually, the upper and lower yarns are polyester, and the middle connecting yarn is polyester monofilament. The thickness is generally 2-20mm, and its mesh density and elasticity can be flexibly adjusted according to different material specifications.

2. The main characteristics of 3D mesh spacer fabric:
(1) It can not only protect the skin from liquid and particle pollution, but also make the skin breathable;
(2) Effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections (excellent substitute for sponge);
( 3) Light texture, easy to wash and disinfect, antistatic;
(4) Good resilience, provide buffer protection, easy to wash and dry;
(5) Less chemical finishing agents and fuels, no pollution;
(6) Good fastness, No delamination, good heat and humidity comfort;
(7) Good mechanical properties and chemical stability;
(8) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and can be recycled and reused.